Robust Infrastructure – Envisioning


Element: Adequacy of Devices; Quality and Availability

Description: The school has considered a host of creative options to ensure that diverse and appropriate technology devices are available to all students and staff to support powerful digital learning at any time, from any location.

Possible Next Step: District leaders establish criteria for technology devices based on future applications and identify types and numbers of devices that will support those applications. Criteria include specific mention of any subpopulation of staff or students for whom access may be an issue and criteria for providing equitable access to all.

Element: Robust Network Infrastructure

Description: Adequate bandwidth and a supportive infrastructure are in place to ensure ready and consistent access to online resources for teaching and learning. Teams monitor usage and identify possible bottlenecks prior to them affecting teaching and learning. Privacy, safety and security are primary concerns as well. The school community collaboratively designs responsible use policies, and confirm that the network design is supportive of these policies.

Possible Next Step: Technology leaders ensure their vision includes an element of robust, safe and equitable network access at school and in the home. They integrate a plan for responsible use into that vision.

Element: Adequate and Responsive Support

Description: Sufficient technical and instructional support, characterized by a positive service orientation, is available in every school. This support is proactive, providing resources, coaching, and just-in-time instruction to prepare teachers and students to use new technologies, thereby reducing the need for interventions during the learning process.

Possible Next Step: District leaders establish a vision and criteria for comprehensive, user-oriented support services that prioritize support for research-based teaching and learning practices.

Element: Formal Cycle for Review and Replacement

Description: Teams continuously monitor technologies—software, hardware, and infrastructure—to ensure upgrades, additions, and, when called for, sunsetting/eliminations in a timely, environmentally responsible, and proactive manner.

Possible Next Step: Technology leaders commit to a review and replacement policy that is both economically efficient and environmentally responsible. This policy is formally documented and integrated with district teaching and learning priorities.