We take your privacy very seriously. The intent of this site is to provide school district leaders with the opportunity to conduct digital learning assessments that serve to inform strategic and action planning at the district level. All data are owned by the district. No district identifiable data or reports will be shared or reported without the owner’s express permission. Data that could personally identify a student is not being collected through this process.

Future Ready Data Stewardship

All4Ed (Alliance) is the data steward of all data on this dashboard site. Only authorized All4Ed representatives or designees can access and view all accounts and data on the dashboard. Such representatives or designees shall sign a confidentiality agreement stipulating adherence to this Future Ready Interactive Dashboard Privacy Policy prior to any access. Said access for such parties is secure and no district, group, or user-identifiable information will be shared.

Aggregated, filtered data sets that report national, regional, state, or demographic trends may be made publicly available, with the caveat that minimums will be set to ensure no district, group, or user identifiable data will be made available to third parties or the public. Note: Such reports may be filtered by criteria such as the level of readiness, the completeness of action plans, or the type and number of in-depth assessments by gear completed.

No third parties will have access to district identifiable, group identifiable, or user identifiable data, except those who are expressly authorized by All4Ed and who have signed a confidentiality agreement. All4Ed representatives or designees may aggregate data sets from the dashboard site to compile reports for public release. Such reports may be populated with aggregated sets of data only, e.g., state, regional, national, demographic data, reports filtered by specific criteria, or combinations thereof, with the assurance that no district identifiable data will be made available.


Frequently Asked Questions on Privacy (FAQs)

Will our district data ever be shared with the US Department of Education or our State Department of Education?

Identifiable district data will never be shared without the express written permission of the district. Within the site the District data and reports can be accessed by the District authorized users who created the account. All4Ed and State Departments may work to create aggregated reports to identify statewide needs; but no data would be able to be traced back to the home district. Aggregated data would not include district names.

Can our district delete our data if we no longer want it in the database?

Yes. The owner of the data has the right on the site to delete the assessment data and reports from the dashboard. Those data will remain in a secure archive should the district want to reinstate that data at a later date. The district owns the data and it is up to the district to decide how it is used.

Who can access our reports?

Only those users expressly authorized by the owner of the data, and All4Ed, can access the reports.

Will our district data ever be sold for marketing purposes?

No. District data will not be made available or sold for marketing purposes.

What happens to the data if All4Ed stopped supporting the Future Ready dashboard?

All4Ed fully supports and is invested in the Future Ready School Initiative and is committed to this effort long term. However, in the unlikely case All4Ed would cease or transfer the Future Ready dashboard to another entity, the data and reports in the dashboard will either be removed and all data deleted, or, if ownership is transferred, it will only be transferred to an entity that agrees contractually to adhere to this Future Ready Interactive Privacy Policy.

What type of security procedures are in place for the data that's submitted?

All communication with the Future Ready Dashboard is encrypted over SSL with a 128 bit key. Users will notice the "https://" and lock image in the browsing window next to the Dashboard URL, signifying the secure transmission of data. Your privacy and security are a top priority.